Hollowshine Book 2: Secrets & Lies is here!

Today’s the day! Secrets and Lies is now available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover form. Grab your own copy here This second installment is a slow build with a high payoff as we follow our protagonists Hanna and Caspian. A year has passed since The Isle has come to reside over Castle, Washington. The darkContinue reading “Hollowshine Book 2: Secrets & Lies is here!”

Face to Face Friday: Finding Refuge chapters 4 & 5

This week is chapters 4 & 5 We’ll learn more about Caspian and how his magic works & Hanna will bump into a certain someone she didn’t expect to see again Be sure to watch the previous lives to get caught up (found on my Facebook and Instagram pages) Check out the Facebook event forContinue reading “Face to Face Friday: Finding Refuge chapters 4 & 5”

Hollowshine Book 2 Title Reveal

It’s finally here! The title to the second installment to the Hollowshine series now has a title! One year has passed since The Isle came to reside above Castle, Washington. The remnants of Hollowshine have been searching and preparing for the dark wizard faction to strike. Little do they realize the enemy has always beenContinue reading “Hollowshine Book 2 Title Reveal”