New short story coming!

I’m excited to announce a new short coming to the monthly newsletter. Of Masks & Murder One summer evening, royals gather for a masquerade. What should be a night of merriment could turn sour at the slash of a blade. Hiding among the rich stands an assassin, waiting to make her move. But she’s notContinue reading “New short story coming!”

Finding Refuge’s One Year Anniversary

Around this time last year I published Hollowshine Book 1: Finding Refuge. This story means a lot to me for two reasons. One, I’ve had the idea since I was a teenager. Two, this is the first series I’ve published. Over the next few days I will be sharing behind the scene aspects that wentContinue reading “Finding Refuge’s One Year Anniversary”

The Gorgona Project NOW AVAILABLE

The new newsletter exclusive is here! This scifi/fantasy novella is free to read when you subscribe. It will be around for a limited time so read it before it’s gone! You can sign up for my newsletter here where you’ll get fun updates, writing advice, character spotlights, and more!

Monster A Dark Fantasy NOW AVAILABLE

Monster is officially live for purchase! This novella is .99 or free to read with KU Follow Alice as she journey’s into the forest in search of a monster that could save her village. But the creature is not what he appears to be and she soon finds out who the real monsters are. GetContinue reading “Monster A Dark Fantasy NOW AVAILABLE”

Hollowshine Book 2 Title Reveal

It’s finally here! The title to the second installment to the Hollowshine series now has a title! One year has passed since The Isle came to reside above Castle, Washington. The remnants of Hollowshine have been searching and preparing for the dark wizard faction to strike. Little do they realize the enemy has always beenContinue reading “Hollowshine Book 2 Title Reveal”

Hollowshine Book 1 Title Reveal

The first book in the Hollowshine series now has a title! Get ready to dive into this Urban Fantasy filled with magic, secrets, and intrigue: Hollowshine Book 1: Finding Refuge Coming August 2021 Life in Castle, Washington will never be the same. Hanna has something to prove. Living under her father and peer’s overprotection hasContinue reading “Hollowshine Book 1 Title Reveal”

New Series Reveal

They couldn’t save their world, but maybe they can protect ours. A small band of witches and wizards is all that remains of Hollowshine. With their world destroyed, they come to our realm seeking asylum. But the enemy is one step ahead. Embedded deep within the city of Castle, Washington, the rogue wizard faction hasContinue reading “New Series Reveal”