These paper bookmarks are themed to the stories I’ve released. You can choose between book titles, book covers, special symbols, and more.

**Shipping included in pricing, allow 3-5 days for processing**

The Saviors of Trem-NA Symbol

Mark your place in this Alien Adventure with the Naanans beloved symbol. This bookmark is sturdy with the symbol on the front and book title on the back.


The Saviors of Trem-NA Title & Smoke

This bookmark features The Saviors of Trem-NA title surrounded by smoke


The Saviors of Trem-NA Cover

Grab a bookmark that matches the cover of the Alien Adventure you’re diving into.


The Saviors of Trem-NA Bookmark Bundle

Collect all three Bookmarks for The Saviors of Trem-NA in this bundle deal.


The Maiden of Caldara Title with Fire

This bookmark features The Maiden of Caldara title with fire as the background.


The Maiden of Caldara Title with Map

This bookmark features The Maiden of Caldara title with Caldara’s map as the background


Hollowshine Finding Refuge Cover CLEARANCE

This bookmark features the cover of Hollowshine Book 1: Finding Refuge. *NOTE this is the first cover & has recently been updated. New bookmarks for the updated version coming soon



Illusionist Bookmark

Are you an Illusionist in the world of Hollowshine? Keep this bookmark as a reminder of why you would wield that kind of magic. (A quiz to see which magic you’d have is available on the Books tab under Hollowshine Series)



Hollowshine Magic Systems and Meanings
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