Here you will find novellas that range widely in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

All stories are available in eBook only

Monster: A Dark Fantasy Novella (APRIL 2022)

Alice’s village is in trouble.

As the earth dies around them, their only hope of survival rests with the monster of the woods. A strange deity that lives in the forest nearby, all fear his wrath. Alice ventures into his domain in search of aid, not knowing if she will survive.

But the creature is not what she expected. As she finds herself wanting to draw closer to him, others work ill against them.

She soon finds out who the real monsters are.

“Great short story with just the right amount of spookiness and romance.”


Goodreads Reviewer


Amazon Reviewer

The Gorgona Project: A Fantasy/Scifi Novella (APRIL 2023)

Iliana Preston never thought the end of the world would look like this.

When archeologists discovered the tomb of ancient Greek monsters, their path to destruction began. Disturbing their resting place, the mythological beings soon revived and began to exact revenge. A plague was released on the world, humanity’s extinction on the horizon.

Working with her brother and a team of experts, Iliana is tasked with finding a bioweapon to fight back, or a cure to save their race.

But the bunker is not the safe shelter it pretends to be. As tensions rise inside and out, they are running on borrowed time.

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