Hollowshine Series

They couldn’t save their world, but maybe they can protect ours.

A small band of witches and wizards is all that remains of Hollowshine. With their world destroyed, they come to our realm seeking asylum. But the enemy is one step ahead. Embedded deep within the city of Castle, Washington, the dark wizard faction has been plotting and waiting. Hollowshine’s remaining leadership must act quickly to anticipate their next move. The dark forces that destroyed their dimension must not be released on our world.

Book 1: Finding Refuge (AUGUST 2021)

Life in Castle, Washington will never be the same.

Hanna has something to prove. Living under her father and peer’s overprotection has pushed her to the edge. She longs for her strength to be recognized. Focusing on schooling and passing unwanted responsibility back to its source, she cannot wait to break free. In Hanna’s desire to be heard, she finds it in the most unlikely source, a mysterious young man named Caspian.

Caspian has nothing left. His world and home are gone. All he wants is a clean slate to start over. Hollowshine’s leader has other plans in mind. Dragged into the politics of war and espionage, Caspian struggles against his duty to protect the last of his people and his overwhelming urge to be with Hanna, a girl he feels drawn to.

Together they realize there are some things you cannot run away from, no matter how hard you may try.

“Enjoyable!” 5/5

Amazon Reviewer

“Fun YA contemporary, urban, fantasy romance.” 5/5

Goodreads Reviewer


Goodreads Reviewer

Book 2: Secrets & Lies

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