The Maiden of Caldara (JANUARY 2021)

“Silas, you must travel to the tall mountains of the west. There you will find a maiden with fire in her eyes. You must bring her back no matter the cost; only she can save us now.”
Silas has never known peace. War against the Magic Keeper of Darkness has plagued Caldara for over fifty cycles. Their numbers dwindle with each passing day. But there is hope. A spark to ignite the fire, or so his father believes. Silas’ quest for a mysterious maiden leads him down a road of secrets and lies. Old wounds are reopened, new battle lines are drawn. The fate of Caldara lies in the hands of a man who yearns for a peaceful life, and a maiden who has nothing else to lose.
The Maiden of Caldara is pulsing with action from start to finish. Embark on the journey to discover more about the world of Caldara; from the people who reside within its lands, to the Magic Keepers who demand their respect.

“An excellent fantasy story” 5/5

Amazon Reviewer

“Interesting world and character relationships.” 5/5

Goodreads Reviewer

“Great book!” 5/5

Amazon Reviewer

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