FREE Short Story

Last year I participated in AutoCrit’s writing challenge. The challenge was to write a 2-5,000 word short story around the theme community. Winners would have their story be published in a collection. This collection was only available to the winners, that way we could expand or publish the work ourselves without jumping through legal hoops.

I submitted a short and then never heard back, so I figured I didn’t win. Turns out I was one of the winners chosen and received by printed copy of the collection this past week. Even though I’ve self published my work many times, it’s always a surreal feeling to see your work in printed form.

Since the collection was only available to the winners, I decided to offer the short I submitted for FREE. No sign ups, no strings attached.

The Forest follows Brenna as she yearns to learn more about the witches who live in the woods by her town. Read it here.

Big thank you to AutoCrit for choosing my work as one of the winners.

As always thank you for your support and happy reading!

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