Special Author Update

I wanted to take a moment and do some updates and housekeeping items.

First, I want to thank you for supporting me and my writing journey. Your interest in my work does not go unnoticed. It gives me that little push to keep going.

Now onto some housekeeping items:

Starting Oct 3rd, merch will only be available at in person events. Signed copies and a link to the notebooks I’ve designed will remain on my website, but everything else will go.

I’ve heard your calls for audio versions of my books and I’m happy to announce that I am in the process of making that request a reality. I plan to create a podcast where you can listen to a chapter or chapters each episode. That being said, this will replace Face to Face Friday, so books will no longer be live read.

The tentative goal is to have the podcast up and ready by the beginning of next year.

These changes may come as a surprise, but are a great way for me to connect more with my reader base. Please share this news with your friends and check out the merch before its gone.

Happy reading!

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