The Magic of Hollowshine

Let’s go over some of the magic and political structure of Hollowshine.

I will note that all Hollowshiners are born with the power of a Creationist, but that is not their main gift. There is one exception down below.


Diviners are seers that can look into the past, present, and future. Hollowshine is ruled by five Diviners with new Diviners being born only when an old Diviner is about to pass.

Diviner Insignia


Next in the hierarchy of Hollowshine are Enchanters. These Hollowershiners are seen as second in commands. There are three groups:


Illusionists can manipulate the world around them.

Illusionist Insignia


Lighters have to ability to manipulate and create beings out of light.

Lighter Insignia


Shadowers have the ability to manipulate and create beings out of shadows.

Shadower Insignia


Under Enchanters are Alchemists. These Hollowshiners use their gifts and create potions and spells. There are two groups:


Healers can mend any wound/trauma by hand on any being, animal, or plant life.

Healer Insignia


Creationists can create anything from nothing. This is their only magical gift.

Creationist Insignia


Mages are Hollowshiners that have perfected their craft/magic. This group contains all those mentioned above (except Diviners) and a three others:


Psionics can move objects and people with their mind.

Psionic Insgnia


Shifters can change into any animal or person (limited here).

Shifter Insignia


Familiarists are born with a tattoo of an animal on their body to aid them and eventually can use their animal’s power.

Familiarist Insignia

This has been the hierarchy of Hollowshine since its creation. But does this seem like a fair system? Read the Hollowshine series to find out!

To find out what magic user you would be, check out the quiz here

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