Settings in the Hollowshine Finding Refuge

There are two main settings in Finding Refuge: Castle, Washington and The Isle

Castle, Washington

I knew going into this story that I wanted to have a city themed setting. But the questions were where is the city going to be and will it be fictitious or not. After doing some aesthetic research on a bunch of city pictures I finally came up with an idea. I knew I wanted the city to be big, but not super big. I also wanted it to be raining a lot and have a cloudy/eerie atmosphere.

Looking at a map, the best place to put my city would be in Washington where it rains A LOT. I tried the route of picking a real city but that didn’t last long. While I like adding real places into my books, I would rather make up a city and shape it the way I want. Plus since I live on the east coast, a cross country drive wasn’t exactly in the cards. Luckily I have a beta reader from Washington that helped/helps me when it comes to the atmosphere.

How did I come up with the name Castle? I love fantasy and medieval times and since this series is an Urban Fantasy, I wanted to add that small detail. Castle seemed appropriate given they are fortresses and where lots of events take place.

Photo from Deposit Photos
Photo from Deposit Photos

The Isle

Where do all the witches and wizards live? That was the question I had to ask myself when starting the story. From the very beginning I knew I wanted them to be floating above the city, so The Isle was born. The Isle consists of a big tower with a town at its base and farmlands. There are also two dome buildings: one where Hollowshiners train and the other where Alchemists work. This space is quite literally the last fertile piece of Hollowshine.

Rendered with images from Deposit Photos


I’m not going to give any spoiler details about Hollowshine, but I did want to touch on how I came up with the name. It was very on the fly actually. When writing the first draft, I realized I never gave where the witches and wizards came from a name. So I sat there for a moment trying to figure it out and BOOM Hollowshine appeared. I fell in love with it instantly. One reason why I loved it so much was its double meaning. I won’t go into that just yet, you’ll have to reach the end of the series and see if you can put the pieces together.

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