The Saviors of Trem-NA Anniversary Event: Matthew Alcott

““Do you have to go so fast?” Matthew asked pushing the box of cables off… “If you go any faster, you’ll break the satellite, the computer, or worse our radar“… -The Saviors of Trem-NA chapter 3, page 16

Unlike Austin, Matthew has a more analytical and direct approach to things. He’s grounded in his scientific beliefs and tries not to get his hopes up. His passion for the unknown keeps him going, even if he loses the respect of others along the way. Some may say he’s brash, others paranoid, but Matthew’s forward behavior means he’s a force to be reckon with.

““A war zone,” Matthew scoffed. “Oh, it’s not a war zone yet, but it’s going to be…” – The Saviors of Trem-NA chapter 13, page 86

““You can take that chipper nice guy attitude and shove it up your ass.”” -The Saviors of Trem-NA chapter 13, page 93

Under Matthew’s prickly exterior, he has a good heart. He may not always get along with his friends, but he cares about them more than he lets on.

“Matthew turned to her and leaned in his seat, “Look, I’m not going to pick apart your friendship with Rajax… Once Parkson is done watching you like a hawk live your life.”” -The Saviors of Trem-NA chapter 20, page 147

How will Matthew’s story unfold? Read The Saviors of Trem-NA to find out. Available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and ebook form

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