The Maiden of Caldara Anniversary Event: The people of Caldara

Within Caldara, there are four people: plains, mountain, forest, and sand. Although throughout the story we spend most of the time in the plains than any other area, each people are vital to Caldara’s unique landscape. Below I dive deeper into each race and how their way of life is shaped by the world around them.


The Map of Caldara

The Plains People

The plains people of Caldara are modeled after medieval Europe. Much of their clothes, weapons, and architecture are based off of that time. The plains villages are similar to motte and bailey castles and the village Cassius grew up in takes after early stone castles of that time. Their clothing is also similar to medieval Europe, with shift dresses, loose shirts, capes, belts, broad swords, and circle shields.

The plains people also follow the hierarchy of that time, although there are some changes. The chain of command goes up to Lords and Ladies, but as time goes on and the plains expand, there are mentions of Dukes and Duchesses. With this system set up, there is always one family (Lord or Lady) that is ruler over the plains. They sit in council with the others across their territory so that every concern is brought forth. Note, not every village has a Lord or Lady, a group of three or four villages can be ruled by one, or not at all.

The Mountain People

The mountain people of Caldara are composed of a few different traits from different cultures. The most distinct group they are based off of are the Vikings. Their clothes are heavily inspired by Viking: fur coats, ringlets in their hair and beards, bulky stature, etc. Their villages are based off of cliff dwelling or pueblos. Each village is carved into the mountains they live in and are filled with paintings on the ceilings. What is unique about the mountain people is that they are adorned with breastplates for armor, where the other peoples have mail or other leather coverings.

Their hierarchy is similar to the plains people, but there is only one leader that speaks for all the mountain people. Their are representatives in each village, but all decisions are made by one man (or woman), and their word is final.

The Forest People

The forest people aren’t based on one particular people or culture. Most of their inspiration came from the forest. Their clothing and housing are based off what you can find in the forest: deer, rabbits, trees, etc. The only similarity they have to the other peoples is their shields and weapons.

What makes them different is that they worship Alder, the Magic Keeper of Trees. They see him as their guardian and they are his children. Although their is an elected leader, they look to Alder to provide for them.

The Sand People

The sand people were created by taking inspiration from the Massai tribe in Africa. Their cloths, housing, weapons are similar to the tribe. The changes I made were to the sand peoples way of life. They are nomadic, travelling the sands of Caldara. The desert is covered with oasis’ where they find supplies, along with a large coastline connecting the sands to the sea.

Their is one leader in charge of the tribe, the power passed down from generation to generation.

Creating Caldara with its people really made the story come to life. There are some peoples I wish got more of a chance to shine, maybe someday…

*All photos were taken from google for reference*

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